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The Dynasty Begins

I don’t even know where to start because my thoughts keep swirling Rehabbing from a set back in the summer like I’m Kyrie Irving No matter how hard I work, I cannot be perfect I’m just trying to get close … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Theory

When I make it big, I’m gonna bring the homies That when I’m at the top, I don’t feel so lonely I don’t feel so greedy, got these folks feeling needy And if they ever look at me, I hope … Continue reading

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Highs & Lows

I feel like I’m standing on the cusp of something big Because good things doesn’t always happen for the kid I got people criticizing me for just wanting to live But if you advocate shooting your shot, sometimes you’re gonna … Continue reading

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The Detox II (Same Phone, Who’s This?)

I think I need another detox, call this one round two If you ain’t good for me then why am I around you? Motherfuckers pretending they can walk a mile in my shoes If you ain’t cashing checks, then you … Continue reading

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