The Dynasty Begins

I don’t even know where to start because my thoughts keep swirling

Rehabbing from a set back in the summer like I’m Kyrie Irving

No matter how hard I work, I cannot be perfect

I’m just trying to get close enough that it’s all worth it

I got all of these emotions bubbling under the surface

It costs to be the boss, I’m still paying for the purchase

I had people I’d consider friends, make me feel worthless

And when we talk about death, man I still get nervous

They say history is always gonna favor the assertive

But ain’t no one around me to make me feel nurtured

Can’t even open up to people because I get so nervous

Who knew honesty with be so much harder than flirting?

People say they’re here for me but I don’t really trust ‘em

Because I been left on the side of the road like it’s nothing

I remember when I was the topic of everyone’s discussion

I dare niggas to pull my card if they think I’m bluffing

But I’m starting to get in a zone, so if you want to try it

I’ll show the little homies why you usually bet on the giant

If I said everything on my mind, the world would riot

The creatives need a fire, I might be the one to ignite it

Sometimes I wished I smoked, so I could roll one and light it

But I gotta stay sober when my demons be fighting

When people ask “how are you?” I be like “you don’t care.”

We’re just making small talk so why are we even here?

The things I done had to deal with when it comes to this year?

I don’t even think the most critical could say that it was totally fair

There isn’t anyone I believe in, they say that I need Jesus

I tell ‘em yeah you right but that’s not all I need either

I usually step to the plate when somebody needs leaders

Here’s food for thought, I took it upon myself to feed us

Why we more comfortable with strangers than the people we know the most?

Why we’re so slow to help but so quick to brag and boast?

Why is it so easy to rest on our laurels and just coast?

And why do people try to boil down our problems to just vote?

I ain’t got the answers, I just ask the questions sincerely

Now politely respect my request and don’t let these niggas near me

If you don’t hear me then you fear me, I see the results clearly

But you better prepare yourself because the dynasty is nearing…

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