Take ‘Em to Church

When people doubt me I feel like I gotta take ‘em to church

Ex had me miscalculating my self worth

I’m a dealer I just sell hope instead of perc’s

I’m gonna keep grinding, trying to figure out the perks

Working on my pressure points, accumulating these coins

The one that they doubted became the one to join

Serial killers trying to attack my dreams

That’s like trying to attack my mom, basically the same thing

Word to Drake and Future, I need some big rings

Weight of the world on my shoulders, I got a small team

But it’s the all-star squad, we’re talking team USA

Feeling like Jay Z, what more can I say?

Obsessed with the C Notes, trying to get a peacoat

World getting cold out here, cancelled like Nino

Lost my sanity, trying to find it like Nemo

They say I get better with time like a fine vino

My momma told me she loved me and of course I believed it

People throwing hate at me, of course I received it.

But I fall back like I’m a hairline receding

Success is like a drug, I’m addicted to it, man I need it

The only one that can solve all my problems is Jesus

Followed my dreams, they playing follow the leader

Followed my dreams trying to stay away from the reaper

Keeping it to myself, I know you’re not a mind reader

I’m gonna make it easy for you because you need it

I’m gonna do the digital dash since you’re creeping

Worried about the cadence, eye sight ain’t the keenest

Worried about my mug like my mug ain’t the meanest

Flying close to the sun, hope I don’t burst in flames

They say genius turns into crazy, don’t want to be deranged

You better believe the hype like I’m LeBron James

Watch me take ‘em to church, they won’t walk out the same.

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2 Responses to Take ‘Em to Church

  1. yo’ you had me hooked from start to finish

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