Waste My Time 2016

Girl, I’m trying to kick it with you, but I’m running out of patience

I ain’t the type of person that’s content being on a waitlist

The optimism has faded, the game we both know how to play it

How am I only 20 something but my view on dating is so jaded?

I got less answers than I do questions, this isn’t 04 confessions

Man I’m getting tired of constantly making first impressions

The stereotypical questions, what you do and what you are

I feel like I’m destined to go far but my car is trying to stall

And I’m looking at the landscape, they need more than a coach, they need God

But I don’t believe girls are easy, because if they were, it wouldn’t be this hard.

Right person at the wrong time, wrong person at the right time

She says she’s saving it for a ring, only thing I wanna make bling is her hotline

I have to remember that these girls aren’t mine, I just coach ‘em from the sideline

If Netflix and chill is preseason, does that mean IG official is primetime?

So many questions unanswered, the battle of the sexes and the banter

You’re wanting 5 star treatment but the reviews I’m getting are substandard

If your presence is a gift then Christmas might need to get cancelled

If I got to pay X amount to date you, I might as well give it straight to the dancers

We call that skipping the middle man. You remind me of a minivan

You may be reliable, but you’re not something I want people to see me in

I’ve had great dates with people I’ll probably never see again

Had some disaster dates but we still watch each other like CNN

Girl you know you’re killing ‘em, I shouldn’t even have to say a word

You should be dancing with me but the only thing you’re twerking on is my nerves.

Waste my time 2016, I see some people took that shit to heart

Awkward energy when we’re together, sexual tension when we’re apart

I done did things I’m not proud of, some things I wish I could take back

It’s a vicious cycle of hope and disappointment, I’m starting to hate that

Certain people told me to play nice, starting to think that’s bad advice

Every time I think I’m getting somewhere, reality snaps me back to life

I hate wasting time, I hate wasting money because those are things I can’t recoup

Always here when you need me, but when the tables turn, I can’t reach you.

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1 Response to Waste My Time 2016

  1. Shirley Jones says:

    So you gonna cancel Jesus’s birthday because YOU HURT?!

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