Deeper than the Surface Beauty

You know they say, I only love her if the head right

Excuse me, I only love her if her head’s right

Put me onto something bae, give me something I can work to

Young, brown, and educated, I know these suckers try and hurt you

I been waiting a long time, they say patience is a virtue

Movie actress looks, they got folks wanting a part 2

Like baby give me a second chance, another shot

If you got movie star looks, I’m that twist that’s in your plot

I love a bad chick from a decent home

The one who’s so much on her shit that you almost want to leave her alone

Until you get your own things together, do well on your own

But whenever we get together, I feel right home in my zone

I’m young, black, and seemingly in danger

You seem more like a masterpiece created by painters

The Picassos, the basquiats, and even the Van Gogh’s

I have no doubts that you’re playing the field just like a pro

And be safe out here because this country is getting crazy

The fact that folks elected trump still honestly kinda fazes me.

I know you work so hard but now we don’t have the option of being lazy

How you endure so much struggle still amazes me

Black women, getting hated on by both sides

Society out here beating you up, & you don’t even get a black eye

Still keep your head high, type of strength makes me fantasize

That’s what keeps me attracted, not your full lips or your juicy thighs

I don’t trust these allies, if you break it down, it’s all lies

I like my women to dream big, how dare you try and downsize

With you by my side, I have no choice but to be the franchise

And if they bet against us? That decision would be unwise

They always asking us to compromise, asking us to give a little

Out here playing mind games, finding trust is real fickle

But you could walk around in stripes and still not be more official

But all’s fair in this game, so bring your tennis shoes & grab a whistle

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1 Response to Deeper than the Surface Beauty

  1. I have no words, just awe and in utter amazement. This is classic…

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