Say Hello: Part II

If they want me to be a villain, I’ll do it, begrudgingly

Just so they don’t have to pretend they really fuck with me

The bad vibes, they stuck with me. They ain’t got no luck with me

I guess this is how it must go, it sucks to see

Lucky me, I’m the one they think they can treat however

But however, I told myself that I was going to do better

Rob them of the pleasure they get when they see me shook up

And take all that negative energy and use it just to cook up

And people got their own advice, I know. Their own opinions

And I have been through enough highs and lows to know the difference

I done hacked enough cheat codes to know I’m winning

But if I’m gone, I wonder how long it will take for them to know I’m missing.

If we had another world besides earth? I swear I would leave

Because it keeps giving me bullshit and not the shit I need

I be kneading this dough, you know trying to work on my craft

But I be needing those dough in order to afford to work on my craft

It’s a catch 22. It’s one of those things you gotta deal with

And I hope I don’t have to die to show y’all some real shit

I used to be a perfectionist, would get upset over perfection missed

Would break bones to build the foundation because I didn’t have time for delicate

But when the truth came? And they started to embellish it

I said fuck it, let it rip. I used to indulge in the petty shit

The type that will have a 5-minute argument, affect you for 5 days

The type that will take your attention and split it 5 ways

For what though? All the internet people saying they’re cut throat?

But in real life won’t speak up when Starbucks hands them the wrong cup though

We’re a fucking joke. I’ll be the bad guy though, if you need one

If you need someone to blame everything one, I’ll be the real one

Give me your poor, your bitter, your male bashers and your misogynistic

We live in a world of mis-understanding, but you need a fall guy, I get it

Give me all your negative energy and I’ll turn it into riches

And even if Santa gives me coal, at least I stuck around ‘til Christmas.


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