The Detox II (Same Phone, Who’s This?)

I think I need another detox, call this one round two

If you ain’t good for me then why am I around you?

Motherfuckers pretending they can walk a mile in my shoes

If you ain’t cashing checks, then you ain’t paying my dues

Dealing with all your rudeness, I don’t need that

Got all these people watching me like I’m league pass

Sometimes the grass ain’t greener, I’m just happy to see grass

If you ain’t doing what they want, they change up fast

People walking up to me like Diddy you changed

Like I worked this hard just to stay the same

Got to pay homage, the inspiration’s from Jay

But I done seen a lot man, I refuse to be fazed

I have no desire to be underrated instead of over paid

I been doubting your intentions for a couple days

Focusing on myself, I don’t care if you notice

If you say you care for me then actually show it

I’m a man of many talents, you see I’m a poet

Gotta do things the right way, gotta get myself focused

Got a couple accomplishments I got to check off the list

So don’t be surprised if I hit you with the “same phone, who’s this?”

Learning my abilities and learning my strengths

Learning to keep most folks at arm’s length

You can’t see inside my soul, that soul done got tints

Can’t hold in the anger like my feelings are hostage

We’re way too quick to label, I ain’t falling to fables

Starting to see spaceships like I’m kin to Fabo

Am I my brother’s keeper, is this Cain and Abel?

I can deal with your nonsense but am I really able?

I been working on myself for my whole life

So dealing with your shit? I gotta think twice

If you got it figured out? Man it must be nice

I don’t believe what you’re telling me, must be hype.

I’m on one, about to pour me a tall one

People keep taking shots but they’re using the wrong guns

Paid the cost to be the boss, y’all using the wrong funds

Y’all keep praying for my demise? Y’all must be using the wrong nuns

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