Highs & Lows

I feel like I’m standing on the cusp of something big

Because good things doesn’t always happen for the kid

I got people criticizing me for just wanting to live

But if you advocate shooting your shot, sometimes you’re gonna miss

It’s all about how hard you go after that rebound

The folks I looked up to are counting on me now

They must have forgot about me, they may be senile

Young and black with a decade of dealing with the denial

Of course I been denied but you know how they say revenge is best served cold?

Well around here, all the best dishes are deep fried

I been plotting, I been waiting, I’m the next generation

Looked at the establishment and saw it needed renovations

I been on my job with no promises of vacation

Because I got to make up for when I was tripping off who I was & wasn’t dating

I mean, how often do we lose control of our life?

The devil stole my joy once, can’t let that man steal it twice

2015? It felt like I needed to put the whole year in rice

Looking at my demons like “I guess it’s just you and me tonight”

Thoughts so dark during the day that I’m surprised I could see the night

Snapped out of my funk just long enough to see the light

My heart got a little colder, words got a little bolder

I’m just 23 with the mindset of someone that’s way older

Dealing with my issues praying that these people won’t notice

Because then they’ll ask me what’s wrong and I’ll go and break focus

Because to my friends? I’m often the motivator

And how does it look when even the motivator needs motivation?

When I messed up, it felt like I had to face the nation

Saw my failures posted everywhere like product placement

King Diddy, folks ain’t used to want to be seen with me

Now they hit me up, trying to go and cause a scene with me

The tide changed, and people’s opinions will always rise and fall

My hotline blinging but it’s from people I didn’t want to call

I was entertaining these women just to fill a void

Now it seems like I just used them like a favorite toy

It’s never good if you force it, which goes for relationships and ponytails

It takes hard work to make this look like a fairytale

Was depleted, now I’m charged up like a Duracell

Was a prisoner of my own thoughts, needed friends to pay the bail

Can’t help but wonder what the Future holds

I plan on hitting every single one of my goals

Was once a rookie, just getting a taste of the pros

Now I understand how to ride the wave, the highs and the lows.

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