No Concept, Just From the Soul

I been waiting on this moment for so long

Like seeing the girl of your dreams with no clothes on

They always try to attack my legacy like LeBron

Yet, they still watch me like the other TV’s not on

They whisper all your success and yell all your failures

Don’t be out treating me like I’m Iggy Azalea

You ain’t messing with my clique, I’m really with the shits

Like Mayweather’s punching bag, I really took some hits

And I was still left standing, young black and handsome

About to take everything, I’m holding it up for ransom

Got folks believing in me like I’m the national anthem

Been through some things that most folks couldn’t fathom

But I still remain gifted, I came 3 days before Santa

Young professionals don’t give up, we just move to Atlanta

It feels like these women are channeling Dirty Diana

If you think you the shit then I’ll put in on the pampers

At the club, they don’t even want to put in on the dancers

Repeating the same thing like Desiigner is performing Panda

I don’t want retribution, just evolution

When I said roll tide, that’s not Bama, the tide is moving

I mean, the tide is changing so you better catch on to the waves

Because they’re trying to have young black men, fall into the grave

I am, a young veteran, you can check the resume

Even if you’re flexible, they want cirque de soleli

Got a homie thinking that it’s Groundhog Day

Just experiencing the same criticism in different ways

They say I got hell to pay, I say I paid my dues

They want me to run away, but I still got more to do

My legacy hasn’t been written, it for sure hasn’t been published

You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished

Even if you hate me, I’ll make sure that you love it

Take this food for thought or you can settle for chicken nuggets.


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