Calvin’s Theory

When I make it big, I’m gonna bring the homies

That when I’m at the top, I don’t feel so lonely

I don’t feel so greedy, got these folks feeling needy

And if they ever look at me, I hope they don’t think they can beat me

I’m young black and reckless with a college degree

Living my life, don’t you be worried about me

And if I see a bad chick, I might just go to flirting

Got to live it while I can because life isn’t certain

And if you don’t see me flexing, don’t assume I ain’t working

I’m balling on these fools, saving up for the purchase

Because it costs to be the boss, don’t you know?

They tried to pass me the rock, call it the give and go

When I get in my zone, I be feeling so spiritual

I don’t who to trust man, whether friend or foe.

Thoughts swarming in my head, focused on my bread

Focusing on the money to ignore all the dread

And the sadness and the despair because life isn’t fair

But I strive through the shit to become the man of the year

Came from the city where not a lot make it

Dodging all the pigs tryingto bring home the bacon

They know me from Akron all the way to College Station

And still all about my bread like I worked for Penn Station

They said they love me but I know that they hate me now

Even when I was down in the dirt, they had to save me now

But people wanna act like that I’m truly crazy now

Or that you don’t see me working, so I’m lazy now

I got to laugh at the folks who might think I’m senile

Grinding hard until they have to tell me that I’m in denial

I got everything to lose but you wouldn’t tell it from my face

I don’t need this negative energy all up in my space

So I gotta stretch out before continuing the money chase

Said I stole her heart but I eventually beat the case…

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