A Reminder…

I had to take a hiatus for myself, had way too many things on my plate

An outlet for putting thoughts into words, hoping other folks can relate

Trying to get my own thoughts in order, trying to set my own self straight

Trying to keep up with the Joneses, not realizing I set the pace.

It feels like my life is moving fast, we’re talking all gas and no brakes

Sometimes it feels like I pissed off the ancestors, we’re talking no lucky breaks

Betting on myself, putting the chips down, we’re raising the stakes

When you’re getting crumbs, you’re by yourself, they only come around for the steaks

Is money everything or is it not? The answers I’m getting are conflicting

They say the love of money is the root of all evil. Financial security worth losing your religion?

Extreme makeover, what parts of me truly need fixing?

I’m spilling my soul out for the world, what’s the chances they truly are listening?

So I ask myself, how much are you willing to sacrifice?

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, how much should I bet on the pair of dice?

How much pain am I willing to bare, is it worth it for the paradise?

How is it that they’re still sleeping on me like Drake on that 13 hour flight?

But it is what it is, can’t force everyone to see the greatness

We’re in the same book but two different pages, almost didn’t come back from Vegas

Almost had them ship everything out there to me, and say “Yeah I’ll pay it”

Saving myself from the depths of hell & saying “Yeah I’ll make it”

I feel like I’m so close to cracking the code & having it make sense

Feel like I’m so close to making real money, you know, uncommon cents

It’s almost like you can smell the potential on me, I got an uncommon scent

Realized I been destined for great things & been treated uncommon since

Admonishments versus scholarships, complements versus consequence

Astonishment versus accomplishments, you want all of this or just a part of it

Because if you’re down, we can get it shaking like we had the Parkinson’s

Heavyweight, pockets hungry like Ms. Parker’s friends

From head to toe, even my inner me knows I got the glow

It’s called show and tell because even if I tell you, I still must show

I’m gifted, all I need from you is to provide the bow

My presence is a present but what I’m presented with, only a few need to know.

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