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Lucky Me

Would you rather they love you for the wrong reasons or hate you for the right ones? I swear I come alive every time that the night comes They see me like an icon, bout to blow like an atom … Continue reading

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Highs & Lows

I feel like I’m standing on the cusp of something big Because good things doesn’t always happen for the kid I got people criticizing me for just wanting to live But if you advocate shooting your shot, sometimes you’re gonna … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Struggle

Focused on the diamonds, focused on the money Gotta keep my head down because I’m not very trusting The championship banner I’m looking at is so lovely Beauty in the struggle, aftermath of success can be ugly They tried to … Continue reading

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They didn’t think I would last, thought my failures were funny Now I might run out of patience, probably won’t run out of money Probably won’t run out of haters, might even pick a couple women Even if we traded … Continue reading

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