Knocking The Rust Off

They say if you don’t use it, eventually you’ll lose it

Consider this the way I make sure I’m more than a nuisance

These people think they’re aggressive, but their taunts are toothless

Young, wild & ruthless, you want beef? Then I’m Ruth Chris

High quality, I’m a star just come and see

Staring at the projection of everything they want me to be

I don’t care if I fail to meet your expectations you laid out

Submitting to the demands of others is definitely played out

I’m saying now, that my mind races like Spiderman through the streets of Brooklyn

Yeah I’m cooking, I’m coaching the game like the late-great, John Wooden

They crucify, everyone’s opinions, no matter if they’re actually right or wrong

I’m righting wrongs but first, I have to actually write my wrongs

Damn girl, you’re looking like a sight for sore eyes

But eye candy can’t hold a candle to soul food and soul ties

Making changes wholesale, because I want to win, no more ties

Being way more truthful with myself, no more lies

Suicide? I don’t want to kill myself, just the old way of thinking

Been trying to distract myself from issues with way more drinking

That’s not healthy and I know I can’t continue that pace

Getting cheese, not spending it is the only way out the rat race.

Proper planning prevents poor performance, that’s the motto

Can’t win and lose my soul then the victory becomes hollow

They want me to be a role model, but I don’t want to be no model

I’m trying to break the mold, not be a blueprint for those to follow.

I might walk around with a chip on my shoulder, even after I hit the lotto

Watching over my shoulder, looking for the next debacle.

Because I’m always nervous of falling off, even before I made it yet

We making steps, they’re making threats. Who you believe? Place your bets.

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