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Supply & Demand

Young faithful black man, they treat me as a rarity Thought I was a joke, tried to treat me like a parody Time to introduce the concept that’s called scarcity Gotta make sure that these folks are prepared for me … Continue reading

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Take ‘Em to Church

When people doubt me I feel like I gotta take ‘em to church Ex had me miscalculating my self worth I’m a dealer I just sell hope instead of perc’s I’m gonna keep grinding, trying to figure out the perks … Continue reading

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The Games We Play

Power to the people, it’s time to take what’s ours Walking out the building, feeling like a star Feeling like a kingpin, the crowd chanting “Kill him!” Dying to be loved but they dying to get these bills in Jesus … Continue reading

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Battle Tested

High class, just surrounded by these low lives In the game, but they wanna focus on the low lights The mistakes, out here dying just to be great. But folks talking greasy like a Philly Cheesesteak They say it costs … Continue reading

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