Church in the Morning

Trying to stay on the right path, trying to find the right one

Trying to stay focused, even when the night comes

Even in my darkest days, I know the light comes

Thankful for the air that has been placed in my lungs

It enables me to scream out, I am who you dream about

These dudes better cut me in or else they better cut it out

Greatest of all time? Well I guess the secret’s out

These haters kill me like the grim reaper’s out

All of this drama and negativity

Makes me know that I can’t mess with you spiritually

What did I do to deserve this? Can you riddle me?

All of this common was caused by little me?

When I was focused on her, I couldn’t think straight

I just wanted to take her to the factory of Cheesecakes

Used to spend my cash so I didn’t seem like a cheapskate

You’re not cheap quality just because you’re a cheap date

Sometimes I wish my life had the ability to replay

Because this me has some messages he’d like to relay

I would tell the old me to enjoy the experience

Tell him to calm down so he doesn’t look delirious

They say, “Calvin you’re the one ruining the dynamic!”

We heard about you, we caught you red handed

Stealing hearts and stealing kisses, I made out like a bandit

Til it came crashing down, left your boy damaged.

Worried about the wrong things, thinking about Palm Springs

Sitting up late at night, wondering what it all means

Remember when you hated being with your parents during sex scenes

That’s how awkward I feel when I talk feelings

It doesn’t make sense but now a days, what really does?

Sometimes the truth can hit you hard like a Billy club

Remember when I told the homies, I never been in love

Because what I had in the current time was not enough…

But now a days, I’m trying to stay on the narrow path

If things aren’t adding up, I subtract myself, I did the math.

Protecting my energy, not dealing with the groaning…

Setting my alarm like I got church in the morning.

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