Blessed Forever

Going through memory lane, I came to a realization

After all I been through, I’m surprised I even made it

Because every time I thought I couldn’t go any farther

Something pissed me off that made me want to go harder

Used to do it out of spite, because I wasn’t the one women liked

The throwaway comments used to cut me like a knife

I haven’t always been ok even when I said I was

If I didn’t have addicts in my family, I would have turned to drugs

People taking shots at me and I’m getting hit with the slugs

Always felt on the defensive because I wasn’t getting any love

I can still feel unwanted but I’m finally realizing my opponent

They know I’m on my way, so they threaten the mental component

I was like a tortured poet, on some Edgar Allan Poe shit

When I was down, all I saw was darkness, I was hopeless

But fuck it, I forgive those that went against me

Even if I don’t speak to you again because this ain’t Disney

No fairy tale endings, no participation trophies if you’re not winning

No getting head over heels for women, this ain’t long division

They tried to set a trap for me, but I peep it, I ain’t falling in.

Protecting m energy, being careful who I call my friends

I expended so much energy trying to make sure they remembered me

They remembered me and they remembered what they want from me

The Chris Paul of this fall, throwing lobs galore

Able to go into the reserves almost anytime I needed more

And that’s why I’m blessed, even through the tribulations

Extreme makeover, my personality needed renovations

Breaking off the chains, my mind needed liberations

People don’t wanna try me, they don’t have the proper certification

I’m starting to see my future, waiting on the proper illustration

Just know I gotta make moves, not necessarily proper notifications

Getting my life in order this is a hell of arrangement

I stole all the brushes because I didn’t like the picture of me being painted

Dragging myself through the pain because of promises of the pleasure

Even through the bullshit I know I’m gonna be blessed forever.

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