They didn’t think I would last, thought my failures were funny

Now I might run out of patience, probably won’t run out of money

Probably won’t run out of haters, might even pick a couple women

Even if we traded lives, you couldn’t do it like how I did it

Underdog since day one, still Miss Celeste’s son

I’m out here shooting for the stars and we ain’t talking about guns

We just talking about life, we just talked the other night

Sometimes you gotta take your life and place it in a bowl of rice

My mind is sharper than a knife, ambition higher than a kite

They say it costs to be the boss, I’m saving up for the price

Got my goals in my sights, got this girl in my sights

They hang on every word I say, just subscribe to the site

I been hated, disliked. Lied on way more than twice

Talked about way more than twice, that was a hell of a night

This is a hell of a life. The chance is there, gotta grasp it

You lame dudes thinking backwards, sleeping on me? Here’s a mattress

I have a date with destiny, she just sent me the address

We’re gonna meet up soon and it’s gonna be magic.

It’s gonna be magic, I can’t even believe it

Haters gotta fall back like the hairlines receding

In our days we throw shade, I’m the one that’s receiving

Grandmother looking down, they still telling me I’m grieving

They don’t want me, they need me. Apparently I make it look easy

It ain’t too hard to please me, just don’t be overly needy

When it comes to success, I’m greedy, when it comes to money, I’m greedy

Remember the nights, I went to bed hungry, now I’m saying feed me

Bout to grab me a Fiji, how important is hydration

How important is staying patient, they don’t always appreciate greatness

I’m done giving people a pass, I don’t appreciate your lateness

They say they support me, I don’t feel that in the faintest

When I get like this, I get dangerous. Look at the picture I painted

With just these words, it’s a masterpiece ain’t it?

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2 Responses to Masterpiece

  1. Your writing style honestly reminds me so much of mine as we share almost identical thoughts on this topic. Honestly, this is so beautiful expressed and well-written. Thank you for sharing.

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