Play On Playa

Play on playa, do what you gotta do player

But think about it, what you really gotta lose playa?

More than one girl? You just collecting your options right?

You playing it cool, each girlfriend gets a night

You don’t see nothing wrong with it, in fact you don’t even realize it

You ain’t dating none of these girls but you still feel a need to go and hide it

I wonder, why is that? Why can’t you text all of ‘em and come clean?

Because you dealt with crazy before, & with that comes a couple things

Lot of angry women in your text message, a lot of side eyes in your mentions

A lot of subtweets on your timeline, if you can handle that you’ll be just fine

What you’re doing right now is what I call assets management

While some people would call that your morals vanishing.

When you gotta choose between two girls, you start panicking.

Like Michael Vick in his heyday, start scrambling

The game is messed up, not many people can handle it

It happens by circumstance, not many people plan for it.

But the game is quite dirty, not many people can stand for it.

But there’s many different strategies, a couple different scams for it.

But people don’t expect it out of you, they probably underestimate you.

Don’t think something like that is ingrained in your human nature.

But you know how the game goes, you been around it all your life

You saw one of your father figures out in public with someone not his wife

You tell yourself for years that you and him are not alike

Love was never a game for you, to be honest it was more a fight.

Had to duck, dodge and dip to get anything that you ever wanted

Crazy girlfriends were less like partners and more like opponents.

You pray people don’t snitch on your business, watch for the rodents

And this life can move quick, you just tryna savor all the moments.

Addicted to this life, you savor all the closeness

But don’t brag player, you’ll get caught up with all your boasting

You got a girl built like Serena Williams, US Open

You want to settle down and have kids, at least you’re hoping

People would argue that your soul is black as a team in Oakland

You’re a natural flirt, sometimes a chick just gets roped in

What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained so it’s never spoken

But if you tried to wife each girl right now, none would think you’re joking

You actually treat these girls well, when you remember to text ‘em

But your tweets still get taken the wrong way, so much misdirection

But each girl, she’s actually a good person

And you a different type of player, you actually put some work in

Real G’s move in silence, that’s the motto

Stumble across a good girl, feel like you hit the lotto

You want to settle down but there’s time where you want ‘em all

If any of ‘em need you, you’re there to prevent their fall

But now you got a conundrum, you’re really in a pickle

You tell yourself you keep options cuz women can be quite fickle

You tell yourself to slow down, to start being humble

But here we go again, another girl just slid you her number.


Play on, playa.

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