The Hope

Failure is an option it’s just not one I can afford to choose

People reporting on my activities like it’s the evening news

If you listen to the statistics, it’d say I’m born to lose

But every time I fell, I got up even if I’m bruised

Pressure makes diamonds and pressure busts pipes

Everyone saying they’re proud of me is pressure in its own right

I don’t do it for the vine, or do it for the likes

I do it to make sure that my mom is gonna be alright

The hope of a city, everyone saying you got it dude

What Kanye say? Your attitude determines your latitude

Accomplished a lot but there’s still things I have to prove

Is it wrong that I want to stunt on all my haters in high school?

Well actually it is, I should want this for myself

But people do treat you different when you garner a little wealth

I’ve always had trouble asking for any help

Because I always thought the best person for the job was myself

But with that comes with stress and stress comes with headaches

But the world deserves to be shaken up like an earthquake

And I plan to do the shaking like I’m making a martini

This boy’s meeting the world, shoutout to all my Mr. Feeny’s

My grandfather and uncles always told me that life was never easy

And my mom, who tried to make all my wishes come true like a genie

I never been the type that one would consider dreamy

But the potential and personality still got them thirsty, no Fiji

Pressure excites some but others crumble under it

Will he succeed or fail? I know that everyone is wondering

The fact that so many people believe in me is humbling

But they expect me to be superman when the world’s crumbling

I’ll pick up the ball and run with it, there ain’t no room for fumbling

Living life in the fast lane, ain’t no room for stumbling

Ain’t no half-stepping, ain’t no room for questioning

Even though people judge you different based off of levels of melanin

Saying I talk well for a black person makes you quite petty

But I’m still gonna kick it like my name Lionel Messi

All eyes aren’t on me, they’re too focused on the world cup

But by the time the next one comes, they’ll be surprised by my come up

You know how depressing it is to get up before the sun’s up?

So broke that you couldn’t pay attention unless you got your funds up?

I survived most of grade school on free and reduced lunches

Hunger had my stomach hurting like I did a hundred crunches

But the difference between the stars and the benchwarmers

The stars use their upbringing as an excuse to go harder

Meanwhile the benchwarmers continue to make excuses

The winners never lose sleep over the ones who loses

The wolves never fret over the opinions of the sheep

That’s why when haters talk, I barely even hear a little bo peep

In fact, I’m my worst critic and my biggest competition

I always give others great advice, maybe it’s time I took a listen.

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