3 Sides to a Story

His Story:
I used to really like this girl and to be honest, I still do
But her actions make me sick, it’s like she’s mildew
They say what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, is that right?
But you can die from a broken heart right? Is that life?
I’m not perfect, I’ll admit that. I cheated, yeah I did that
But I didn’t do it first, I only did it so I can get back
At her for all the hurt she put me through, is that childish?
But let me explain, this woman done put me thru some wild shit
First off, she cheated too, I already told you, she cheated first
I opened my heart to this girl and it led to nothing but hurt
Told her my biggest secrets because she told me I could her trust her
Then I find out, she let my best friend fuck her
Cold world huh? Never thought I’d be this stressed over a girl
In the beginning, things were great, planned on letting my affection unfurl
But I should have known better, I was raised different
But after this experience? I will never trust these bitches

Her Story:
I used to really like this boy, and to be honest, I still do
But his actions make me sick, it’s like he’s mildew
You can’t trust nobody, these niggas ain’t loyal!
He’s claiming he’s a king, these niggas ain’t royal!
He opened up to me true, but that was all in the beginning
Tricked me into believing he was good, I thought I was winning
But then he became distant, didn’t do what he used to do
Then his best friend said to me, “He told me he’s using you”
I mean, yeah I got a little money and I bought him a couple things
A couple of pairs of shoes, a couple of pairs of jeans
So I felt hurt, and his best friend was right there
And he betrayed me so the turnabout was only fair!
And I ain’t gonna lie, it felt good in the moment
But then I felt guilty and my actions I didn’t want to own it
So I’m racked with guilt, also racked with confusion
Trying to decide if I want him or if I want to lose him

The story:
I used to think they’ll end up together, in fact, I still do
But their relationship makes me sick, it’s like mildew
They started off real lovey dovey, heavy in the PDA
And that was in public, in private, who knows what they say?
But you can start to notice the cracks, the end of the fairytale
That’s what happens when people fall hard, but don’t know each other well
And yet, there’s some things that both parties don’t even know
My mans is going off, because he thinks his girl is a hoe
But he didn’t know his best friend was the instigator
And the girl doesn’t know that the man cheated later
When all this comes out, the drama might mess around and double
And this is why I view relationships as pure trouble
They used to be drunk in love, now here comes the hangover
They were flying skyhigh but now here comes the layover
Now they both texting people telling ‘em to come over
All good things must come to an end, I guess their run’s over.

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