Food for Thought

Sometimes you got to do what you can for the culture

When life knocks you down, they swarm around like the vultures

They tried to bury me, but didn’t know I was a seed, agriculture

And I always stick to the point, what is that? Acupuncture

I have a dream to be the greatest, I’ll risk it all like I’m in Vegas

I need on-time payments, daydreaming about my latest

And yes these colors run deep, you can’t fade us

They want to see the kids break down but you can’t make us

Sometimes you got to run across these L’s like it’s a spelling bee

Trying to be a player, took my lessons from Bill Bellamy

I want the success, willing to do anything short of a felony

Obsessed with the c-notes, that is my favorite melody

So trust me, I need it all, I need my cash and my equity

But I can’t share good news because even friends can get jealousy

Trying to be a black beatle mixed with the black Kennedys

Can’t stand around helplessly while others decide my legacy

My mind runs so fast that it’s not known for its brevity

The Bible said that I shall not succumb to any weaponry

We all know what it is, so you can keep your pleasantries

I know I make you sick to your stomach, I hope you find a remedy

Weight of the world on me, they lean on me so heavily

That’s why finding someone to relieve the stress sounds heavenly

I don’t even need you around all the time, just the right times

Trying to be a millionaire, I need you to be one of the lifelines

What they see on social media, suddenly turns into the headlines

Extreme makeover, your personality needs a redesign

I’m out here trying to push it through, looking like an assembly line

Had to get my priorities straight, my desires needed to realign

And damn girl, I know you’re fine but I need these coins more than I need you

People “want” transparency but do we really trust things we can see through?

Work on having a heart of gold, even Stevie Wonder could see you

I call this food for thought, take a to-go plate, if you need to.

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