Embrace the Hate

There’s something to be said for being silent and observing

People want my energy but they aren’t worth it

I’d be the first to tell you that I’m not perfect

But folks want to act like I’m not worthy of any purchase

You want me to be grateful for anything I may come across?

What I see as standards, you see as a standoff?

They want to pass me the baton and I’m accepting the handoff

I can’t imagine how many good people, your bad energy has ran off

And it seems like I’m receiving of the most shade

Tried to turn the other cheek just made them hit me in both ways

Currently plotting on how to make a way out of no way

I deal with women who only trust men named Jack, Jim or Jose

In this life? I don’t have multiple chances to get it right

Figuring out who has a bark that’s much worse than their bite

Which means they are all talk, and less action than silent movies

People taking shots at me and I didn’t sign up for the call of duty

Now everyone think they got someone that’s “bad and bougie”

Yeah she’s bougie but we use the term “bad” kind of loosely.

Lately, I haven’t found anyone that actually moves me

We go through the motions, I try and separate good girls from groupies

More life, more problems and observations

Man I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard “be patient”

I could actually afford to be patient, actually afford to keep waiting

I could actually afford to pay attention to what these haters are saying

Is this the new birth of a nation? I’m not talking about that flick

That got trashed because Nate Parker probably raped that chick

Understand that we are own allies, we have to build it from the ground

But do we have a mindset to do it? That’s something that I haven’t found

I got problems and expectations, a cold heart that’s still vacant

People giving me compliments but I can’t afford to be complacent

Because people always the next best thing, your replacement

So instead of running from all of the hate, I chose to embrace it

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