Play the Field

My goal is to put numbers on the board, triple doubles

Freestyling, changing the play after we leave the huddle

It’s summer in the city, it’s getting too hot to cuddle

And the dogs steady talking, might have to invest in a muzzle

Staying lowkey like a singer that’s singing baritone

Got these folks running through my mind like a marathon

Learning how to arrange all the chess pieces on the board

Something like a conductor, we’re moving all on one accord

Driving these people crazy like a stolen Honda Accord

Tell ‘em up front, I ain’t rich enough to cash out in these stores

You ain’t got it, you ain’t got it. The theory is unassailable

Told her I can be everything you want except available.

I always go for women whose confidence is unshakable

I tell them, I’m reliable, not replaceable.

If you want it to spice it up, I can be unpredictable

Yes I’m a writer but my stories are rarely fictional

Make a girl feel special, make her feel like a miracle

I’m asking questions because I’m trying to do something original.

Long distance, short distance, 2 different time zones

There’s skeletons in my closet, I don’t show that part of my home.

Watch me make your hotline bling, baby pick up the phone

I ain’t gonna call multiple times, I’m just letting that be known.

There’s good girls with good qualities, hope my mom’s proud of me

I know my dad’s proud of me, he would say it’s my biology

I don’t believe in love triangles, I don’t study that geometry

I’m trying to get lost in your eyes that would be my favorite odyssey

I know what it’s like to be an oddity, girl you’re a rarity

When you’re too good to be true, they treat you like a parody

I tell these folks stop comparing me, to your ex’s or past mistakes

I’m the type to raise the stakes, food for thought, grab a plate

But for now, we can continue the introduction phase.

No butterflies, just don’t let this one get away.

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