The Dress Rehearsal

Trying to be the greatest, plotting on my strategy

Keep my shit a secret, there’s some things you cannot see.

Open up your schedule, let me in there.

Open book, but I don’t expose everything like swimwear

And now we’re trying to dive in the deep end

Go into a state of contemplation like every weekend

Wondering, how many of us have real friends?

But I notice the sharks in the water, I see the fins

I been grinding for a minute, I want to see the wins.

Haters want to see me trip and fall, then kick my shins

World is moving so fast I might get the spins

Born 2 years before Snoop was talking about juice and gin.

I generally bat above my weight class and my age group

Mr. Shoot Your Shot and we’re necessarily not speaking hoops

Not talking rollercoasters when I been thrown for a loop

They want to assassinate the ascendant that speaks the truth

We fight everyday over what amounts to nickels and dimes

I’m just trying to get everything that God believes is mine

I just want a budget that allows me to dress to the 9’s.

I just want to create change and pick up some dimes

Trying to find the one that deserves that laser focus

Go ahead, make my problems disappear, hocus pocus.

Down in the dumps but I’ll never turn out hopeless

Even if I do big things, I sometimes lack the desire to promote it.

Can’t be green with envy when they award others the gold

Even when you believe you deserve it deep in your soul

The best player doesn’t receive MVP every single season

Ask Michael Jordan, where’s Lebron when you need him?

I just roll with the winners, get introduced to the winner’s circle

Sticks and stones break bones but words are still hurtful

This ain’t even the main event, I’m just going through dress rehearsals

Until the understanding of my excellence is universal.


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