#FreestyleFriday: 2.24.17

I’m standing in the storm, ready for the rain

School of hard knocks, I’m ready for the pain

Got these scars on my body from my past wars

But you haven’t lived until you found something you’d die for

Remember that, you used to be the one I cry for

Sneaking around the city, you were the one I’d lie for

Like nah, we just cooling it, kicking it. That ain’t bae

But hiding your true feelings from yourself, that ain’t safe

You win some, you lose some, well if that’s the case?

I been eating humble pie for too long, it’s time for cake

Money coming, money going, so fast I can’t keep up with it

Got a cloud hanging over my head, feels like I’m stuck with it

The moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it

Everybody claim to be a shooter until you hand them a gun with it

So be mindful of people’s words, pay attention to their actions

Sometimes you add to your wealth by giving people subtractions

Used to be known for overacting now I’m barely reacting

Used to wear my heart on my sleeve but I no longer like that fashion

They think they are going over me? That’s an improper fraction

Fake people make me sick, it’s like an allergic reaction

You know me, I’m dealing with the demons on my own time

But I can’t let my own demons continue to block my own shine

Food for thought, my mind is like a gold mine

Everybody wanna beat Goliath, but few try.

What are you gonna do when your back is against the wall?

When half want to see you win and the other half wants to see you fall

I got to succeed, there honestly isn’t another option

I feel these haters plotting, you do what you want when you’re popping

King shit, and I appreciate the loyal subjects watching

Known to help other people out I’m like the black John Stockton

The pick and roll, hand me the rock and it’s give and go

But nothing is an easy layup, LeBron and them should know.

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Be My Peace

Be my peace and not my stress and I promise I’ll give you everything

Be my oasis inside the storm and you might end with wedding rings

That’s all I want, that’s all I need but I still can’t seem to get that

I asked her to give me a break, she said “who do you think I am? A kit-kat?”

I don’t get that, especially when people are praying on my downfall

It’s hard enough to be a black millionaire without the aid of a roundball

Or a microphone, I don’t give you any reason to search my phone

Yet you refuse to give me relaxation when I’m at home

Every time I see your name in my iMessage, I start to regret it

And wonder what I did to make you upset, my mind starts refreshing

Trying to figure out how I let a goofy chick make me start stressing

The stories you come up with, wouldn’t even find a home in the fiction section

Yeah I said it, I got wants and I got some needs

Want me to give that up just for a chance at make believe?

Them make me believe that you here with me and for me

Instead of what I can do for you and consistent sex for when you’re horny.

See, Vince carter was half man, half amazing

But me? I’m all man with constantly thinning patience

Tired of waiting, for someone good to come out the mud

Do you believe in love or just in its power as the biggest drug?

Make the biggest thug crumple into a million pieces

We supposed to stick together through the hard times like adhesive

You’re a work of art, leaning tower of Pisa

But love is harder to maintain, that’s my thesis.

An imperfect man fit for an imperfect world

So I know better than to expect the perfect girl

But if the things I do expect, she can’t provide?

Then I go Adele, saying hello from the other side

Be my sunshine in the rain, not a tropical storm

Be my Advil for the pain, not a medical bill form

Be my peace through the process, not another war

Otherwise, I start to ask why I need you for

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Light in the Darkness

What’s the difference between content and complacent?

Trying to advance but still working on the basics

Figuring out which side of me is worth embracing

I told God I wanted it all but I’m getting quite impatient

Maybe my happiness is dictated too much by outside forces

But when it comes to the school of hard knocks? I’ve taken courses

People think they can ride me to success like thoroughbred horses

Married to the game but most people get divorces

It’s like I feel a darkness over me, walking around with storm clouds

They’d call me crazy if I told all my thoughts out loud

Harken it back to spring 11, my head is bloody but unbowed

Dealing with dissatisfaction, is it ok to be proud?

Because I look at myself and realize this can’t be the peak for me

I keep my thoughts to myself because I don’t like folks tryna speak for me

I look at my cruses now and they ruined the mystique for me

Would you rather be happy or great? That question comes up every week for me

And I don’t know the answer, to be honest I’m not sure

I told my homegirl how I’m feeling, she said prayer & faith are the cures

Failed so many times I feel like a failure connoisseur

I know I’m down right now, I don’t even want to know the score

Are they looking at me like I’m a bust? Emeka Okafor?

And I know the saying goes, keys open doors

But bricks open windows and opportunities I’m reaching for

Used to be pure, but that was before I went on this tour

People always want to make up, look how feelings get contoured

People rarely tell you what they want, so you’re unsure.

They sell you these dreams, you get caught in the allure

Now you’re just riding around in this world unsecure

Trying to find light in the darkness, working towards heartless

Because if I get played regardless, I got to work on my sharpness

Because people ain’t walk all over me like I’m the carpet

I’m not buying what you’re selling. Choose a difference market.

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Still Standing

I like busy women but I also like attention it’s a paradox

Looking for something to invest in like a pair of stocks.

Used to parasail into the Dm’s praying to find paradise

Realized I was gambling like rolling a pair of dice.

Put it all on black, that’s my momma’s advice

But I don’t know if she’s talking gambling or the girls she thinks are nice

But she don’t trip too much, I’m thankful for that

Otherwise she’d be asking me where her grandbabies are at

And then I’d be with the dumb face like I don’t know momma

I was in a couple plays in high school but I outgrew the drama

Tired of sweating these women like I gave up the sauna

Now I’m getting my run on like I gave up the comma

People keep sleeping on me, they didn’t give up the pajamas

And I’m out here praying for peace like I’m the Dali Lama

Harlem shaking through the pressure like it’s 02

Making a list of people that I can tell “I told you’

Is that petty? Probably. But all these setbacks cannot stop me

Working hard to be original and all they present me is carbon copies

Like this is what you have brought to me?

These are the people who want more than a part of me?

They say your desire wanes, and things aren’t the same

Every time I stick my neck out I get guillotined, this is the guarded me

So hypersensitive for the fall back that I may project

Fears onto others from my natural sense to protect

Myself from any criticisms I deem unfounded and dimwitted

The moment I’m done with it is when I stop having fun with it

I’m looking forward to figuring out my place in society

Just trying to get to the point where all of my people are proud of me

Skewed expectations, look at all of the things they require of me

I guess it’s no wonder that they get tired of me

But I’m still here. Assassination attempts and all

But you see how they react when I’m not as involved.

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6pm in Clifton

I’m trying to be a better person, less volatile

They say Diddy, you got pretty teeth so why you never smile?

Because life had beat me down like a stepchild

And to be honest? This shit was getting kind of wild

So, I had to take a chill pill, no ecstasy, no Xanax

How I’m 25 and already stressed about getting the damn checks

People tapping me on the shoulder like “don’t you get it? You’re damn blessed”

Because I’m sweating through my t-shirt, trying to get at these crew’s neck.

I’m verified on and off twitter but I still need that blue check

I need that Blue Ivy money, making millions while I rest

Had so many people leaning on me like an armrest

I’m honored but get off me, I need space to catch my breath

I don’t need a Fitbit in order to retrace my steps

I can pinpoint the exact moment where it all went left

It is what I was focused on, all the wrong things

Felt like I had the whole team on my back, that’s LeBron things.

Been declared special since high school, that’s LeBron things

On a mission to make Ohio cool, that’s LeBron things

Shawty asked me what makes me happy and I couldn’t answer

Besides having enough cash to make it rain dear, word to Prancer

They think we have this crabs in a barrel mindset, word to Cancers

I’m brave enough to fly with Falcons and Hawks, word to Atlanta

These haters can’t stand us, I suggest they roll along

They say hindsight is 20/20 because you realized what you should have focused on

Build yourself up, what you look like pouring from an empty cup

And when they want refills, they move to the next nigga up

Let’s be real, society sucks. Sometimes you should take a break from it

When you crumble, they build you stronger. Sometimes you must take a break with it

Building up my equity, I got my demons right next to me

I made peace with them but I haven’t made peace with you enemies

There’s a difference between being friendly and friends with me

I realized that when I gave more to fools & they started thinking less of me.

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Coach of the Year

I got a chip on my shoulder the size of a boulder

They say the world is cold but I am much colder

I wake up in the morning with anger, not Folger’s

And I got a list of grievances stashed in the folder

Taking notes and taking names. Nothing was the same

Like Drake, I’ll tell them that later they can give me thanks

Now Take Care. I ain’t got time to chase you if I’m not running

Pop something like a hamstring and now I’m not coming

I’m not coming like a bus route that got cancelled

I’m not coming like those royalty checks to Mc Hammer

I’m not coming like that chick who had a “family emergency”

I’m not coming like 911 in the hood, no urgency.

And whenever I get the urge to see you fail, I check myself.

Because I’m trying to be a boss, the type that checks myself

They don’t think I can do that so I had to check, myself.

Because if I’m a boss, I handle payroll so that means, I check. Myself

Cash me out. People sound surprised they ain’t catch me out

Because y’all report on locations, I can’t let you catch me out

Basically this is a game of cat and mouse and the mice are out

And I’m trying to get the cheese while leaving those trap nights out

Shawty told me there’s good in the world, you just have to see it

I’m just showing I can spit back whatever I take in like I’m bulimic

Cousins used to smoke around me but I rose from the ashes like a Phoenix

I had to pick a role like I’m Steve Nash and we’re in Phoenix

I had to pick a role like I’m James Harden and we’re in Houston

I had to pick a role because it’s essential to getting the right movement

Like D’Antoni, if you keep shooters spread around me I’m deadly

Attack in seven seconds or less, we like to catch ‘em when they ain’t ready

And it seems that you don’t have the personnel to persevere

It’s ok if she’s a player, I’m the coach of the year!

It’s ok to be sitting on the bench if you’re diagramming plays

I do it to get a ring, you just die for the gram and praise.

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Prized Possessions

I been through this before, I have experience with this ritual

How do you date with 2 headstrong individuals?

In order to make this work you might need a minor miracle

And not everyone you date is that spiritual

How both people in the relationship think they’re prized possessions?

Hell, we were taught not to lust after possessions

Therein lies a quandary that we haven’t yet learned the lesson

Both people think they’re catches, that’d confuse Odell Beckham

See we’re working on navigating this minefield

Not interested in expending energy to prove I’m real

If you like me? Fine. If not? That’s cool too

You ain’t gotta draw out your resume for me, this ain’t blue’s clues.

Lately dating has felt less like dating and more like job interviews

People posting their resumes wondering why they don’t have a job or two

Oops, I mean a man or two. Maybe you need to reconfigure your performance tools

Taking the excitement out of dating with all these sets of rules

Shakespeare said, expectation is the root of all heartache

You expected her to give you some because you took her to cheesecake

You expected to be in a relationship just because he made your legs shake

Nas expected Kelis to forget how to make the milk shake

You know, the one that made all the boys come to her yard?

I got to ask my OG’s, did dating back then get this hard?

Did social media really leave all these women scarred?

When did relationships start carrying a scorecard?

I took her here and I did this for her, so now she owes me some

Women having 90 days rules to prevent the hit and run

I did this and this for him so now we go together

Thinking like that? The easiest way to get high blood pressure

Can the relationship work if both people think they’re Beyoncé?

I know people who value the ring more than the fiancé

They think they’re prized possessions and we value self-confidence always

I’m just trying to figure out while it seems we’re in such disarray

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Catch the Tempo

I know it’s cliché, but I’m feeling really focused now

Make these problems disappear, wallah, hocus pocus now

I ain’t feeling hopeless, in fact I deserve a bonus now

Less announcements, more moves so I’m putting you fools on notice now

What’s the point of a master plan if you spill the beans?

If life’s a game then I’m trying to stack the teams

Because they only judge you in this life if you have the rings

Or else, they’ll call you a loser among a bunch of things

You can’t tell me nothing, I broke generational curses

I had better ideas on accident than most people do on purpose

They find your weakest link and lie & say you’re worthless

But I got so many ideas, I’m dealing with a surplus

The devil wants my soul but I’m not putting it up for purchase

They’d thought I’d fall so the fact I’m standing makes ‘em nervous

Haters motivate me so I just say thanks for your service

And I pick them off with the precision of a surgeon

Trust me I’m working, and I don’t have to announce it for it to be true

There’s a million carbon copies, don’t trip, just be you

There’s sharks in the water and you’re out here looking like sea food

Thinking this is the main story when really it’s just the prelude

Hey dude, don’t worry about me, worry about yourself though

Hating’s been overrated since Run DMC wore those shelltoes

People want their criticism to stick like Velcro

But when they ask, if I’mma quit? Hell no

You bozos, trying to make a fake persona for the photos

If I asked what your credit was looking like, that would be a low blow

You’re loco, you’re lost in the woods like Dorothy and Toto

Think you a celebrity? But you really viewed as a John Doe

And I know that haters always want to kick it with you like Judo

But I’m the main attraction, I can’t focus on the sideshow

There’s a window of opportunity and I’m about to close the window

It’s 2017, step up and catch the tempo

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What I Want For Christmas

People asking me what I want for my birthday and Christmas

All these questions, I guess it’s just tradition

If I tell you, would people even really listen

Oh well, well here is what’s on my wish list

Health for the family, wealth for the family

I want a house big enough for the Christmas tree

A girl so fly that she can’t even be brought down by gravity

Wanting to go a couple months with no tragedy

Like, that shouldn’t be so hard to ask for

If you gonna drive me crazy, then I wish for a Rav 4

I had a couple blessings but for Christmas I want more

Couple things I want can’t be found in the department store

Want Santa to place under my Christmas tree, a real chick

Her hair, body and goals all super real and super thick

Keeping the demons off me, wanting to ice out the crucifix

Look into the mirror every day, like you the shit!

I want peace of mind before they take a piece of mine

If you owe me 10 dollars, don’t try and give me nine

In 2017, I want to be able to see the signs

If God places mountains in front of me, I want to be able to climb

I want more love and less hate

In 2017, stop asking me to listen to your mixtape

Because I might be honest and say “your shit ain’t great”

Now you’re in your feelings and you look at me some type of way

For Christmas, I don’t want to be scared to invest

In proper financial opportunities or myself

Know how to delegate and know how to ask for help

If life’s a game, start treating me like Michael Phelps

So many gifts I could get, I could receive

But the best gift is another year of being me

Because there’s a whole bunch of things I need to see

That’s the best thing I could get under the Christmas tree.

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Been Thru This Before

Who you think you’re tryna fool? Been through this all before

People change like the weather, rain, sleet, hail, or snow

Just need someone that’s down to go, keep our business on the low

Round and around the merry go, but this isn’t for my amusement though

People think they can trick me into it being a fairy tale

I got the world in my hand, I use it to tip the scales

I don’t need a wishing well for you to wish me well

Devil in a red dress, makes sense that you give me hell

Come on now, I know how this story goes, I read the script

Niggas need to look up registration because that ain’t your chick

You share that woman, it might even be a 60/40 split

Used to be Mr. Shoot Your Shot but now I’m focused on assists

Because the game is cold blooded, it’s not for the weak at heart

Every day we start, held together by lies and we fall apart

We get distant, we hit that fade away like Dirk Nowitski

You talk to me less and less but you tell yourself that you miss me

Come on now, don’t draw this out. Make this a quick hit

We’re the microwave generation, we all looking for the quick fix

She say all niggas are the same, I told her I’m the remix

She told me I was dead to her, I rose from the ashes like a phoenix

I laugh at my issues, just so I don’t get sad about it

I lost my mind a while ago, shoutout to whoever found it

Drown my issues in liquor, it helps me to forget about it

Life places obstacles in front of me, I just get around it

Ain’t nobody me, they’re either imitations or the wrong version

Think you can keep me down, you’re talking to the wrong person

I’m my own worst enemy so beating you isn’t an issue

Shutting up is key, in fact you can say it’s instrumental

Cutting myself off, any contact is incidental

But you acting foul anyway so when am I getting free throws?

And 1, where I’m going? You can’t come

I was schooling your parents, so you’re like my grandson

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