Too Old For Penpals

I say if you can’t pull up on me then what’s the point?

All this sexual tension that we can’t even try and exploit

All this texting back and forth, occasional facetimes

Sounds like it’s just here to waste time, and I have more to do with my time

I saw the signs that said it wasn’t gonna work & I ignored them shits

The packaging was gorgeous, distracted me from the awful shit

The audibles, we call when we try to make a doomed play go right

If I ever see her, it’s probably hands on sight, more explosive than dynamite

You may hate me, but the kids alright. At least I’m not alt-right

Discriminatory because I don’t see compatibility in all types.

Like the type that always says they miss you but never see you

1,000 miles away giving heart eyes but never plan to meet you

And I used to be that guy, so I understand the position

But there’s no point in applying to the casting call if you can’t make the audition.

How you gonna be missing for the mission and expect for me to listen?

Nothing’s exciting if you can’t see me shine in person to catch the glisten

My intelligence isn’t artificial, you can’t fall in love with a mind like I’m Vision

I know what I want but there’s a fine line in over persistence

I don’t stick around if I don’t feel wanted, that’s one of my rules

I’m valuable, and I treat my energy like it is a rare jewel

I’m too cool, with falling back but I’ll try and communicate before hand

But everything has a season, winter doesn’t make sense for a lemonade stand

Got damn. Everyone feels like they have the answers

Everyone feels like they are relationship experts and wedding planners

But the closest I been to a wedding was watching the movie Wedding Crashers

And nothing lasts forever, they even tried to burn Wakanda in Black Panther.

So it’s the blind leading the blind but how you gonna lead me through just phone calls?

Can’t even be addicted because I didn’t experience anything causing withdrawal.

I think I’m way too old for a pen pal, writing new age letters & shit

How you in a whole relationship & still have no body heat for the weather and shit?

I think I’m way too old for a pen pal, writing new age letters & shit

You can like who you want, I just want us to want better & shit.

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