#FreestyleFriday: 3.16.18

It’s freestyle Friday and I haven’t wrote anything in a minute

Been focused on this podcast and putting my all in it

But the creative juices still flow & sometimes I need to vent

And some people give up on me, like they believed in Lent

Hoping the light at the tunnel is freedom & not an oncoming train

I’d be in shape if I was as active as much as my brain

Always thinking about best case and worst case scenarios

Trying not to treat my life as a joke like Will Ferrell though

And now we know, that the best laid plans? Often fall apart

Only benefit of never being in love is avoding the broken hearts

Love the sparks that are in the start of the courtship

But ah shit, they always end up stretching you out more than Crossfit

The talk is, that whoever cares less gets the upper hand

That’s why you got to shoot more shots that Yosemite Sam

Friends or foes, who’s really down when shit hits the fan?

I suppose, but most of us just doing it for the gram

It used to be the feds taking pictures, now you out here incriminating yourself

Y’all boys wild, y’all need way more than just my help

Stacking my wealth, whether it’s in money or knowledge

You can’t difference dirt from diamonds until you find the polish

That’s the point in my life where I am, it’s like I’m almost there

Ready to shock the world with no need for the electric chair

The margin for error is razor thin & I ain’t tryna cut no hair

Keep it player, figuring out everything like an engineer

A lot of the things I see y’all niggas do is truly weird

What happened to the good days of minding your own business and grabbing a beer

I can’t speak on it but they want me to speak on it

So I started a podcast to speak on it now they hate the way I speak on it

Can’t please everyone, shit you can’t please anyone

Niggas want they truth sugar coasted like a honey bun

And where’s the fun in that? Where’s the truth in that?

Where’s the happiness? Will we end up losing that?

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