Our Time Together

I tell her, our time together is our time together

But when we’re apart, you can do whatever

Ain’t no remote controls, its ok to go and roam

See there’s no strings attached like Bluetooth with the speakerphones

I just ask that you don’t stress me. Life is stressful enough

I’ll be there when you need me, just try and not need me too much

See the mental space I’m in, feels like a zone defense

Yeah I’ll pay attention to you, but not enough to draw me in

I haven’t even been shooting shots lately, I been chilling moe

Because I don’t deal with women who throw tantrums like they’re 2 years old

Come on now, we’re both grown. Let’s not do this now.

I’m interested in the milk because I don’t have the budget for the cow.

Life is in flux so it’s become harder for me to give a fuck

About what’s up, that’s why I’m hesitating to jump in like double dutch

And sometimes that means I go M.I.A like I’m on ocean drive

That means I go M.I.A. like I’m driving south on I-95

That means I go M.I.A like Dwyane Wade returning home

I mean, you get it. So that’s why I don’t blow up your phone

I’ll talk to you nice when we talk, always respect when I see you

Slander kept to a minimum unless you did me quite evil

Maybe I’m taking this route because of the ways I been burned in my past

Got myself fucked up my moving too fast.

I learned from my mistakes, promised to make better choices

Can’t have the drive of a Camry if you’re trying to get Rolls Royce’s

So focusing on what I need to, reducing distractions

Is the way I need to make sure I don’t become a never was or a has been.

Aim and shoot like an assassin, I get in where I fit in

Witness protection program, the way I can go missing

Is it fair to everyone how I move? Maybe not.

But I need 6 figures in less than 6 years so I don’t have time to switch the plot.

Switch the script? Nah, we keep it simple, and we keep it fair

And we keep to ourselves until the end of the situation if we meet back up there.

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