Hate Me For Who I Am

Hate me for who I am, not who you think I am

You think I got a temper shorter than Yosemite Sam

You think I’m trash, want me to be thrown to the garbage man

You think I’m dense & I don’t take time to understand

You think a lot of things, but you refuse to investigate

You think I take a crooked path but you refuse to set the record straight

You may see causation, but you aren’t sure if it correlates

I can be your worse nightmare, or I can be something more than great.

I want to work with people who want to work with me

If you don’t want to work with me, then I wish you were halfway across the earth from me

You see, I have to move with urgency.

And I can’t move with urgency if every little step I take causes an emergency.

I see, the pain people have caused you, I understand it.

How am I supposed to have a clean slate & already getting reprimanded?

The idea of “cutting someone some slack” has all but vanished

It’s like we’re painting, but borrowing other people’s canvas.

We use sweeping generalizations because we’re too lazy for analysis

It’s like we’re blindfolded, throwing shots, hoping we sunk their battleship

And if we are at war, doing it alone is a fallacy

So basically, you’re not going to win by just attacking me.

If it is a systemic issue then the enemy is the system.

And in order to beat the system, we have to know how people work within it

It’s easier to destroy something from the inside out

But in order to flourish, we need all the interested parties on the same route.

What one calls sugar coating, the other calls decorum

Hell, what one calls practical, the other calls slow & boring

We want minorities to be a monolith

But in order to flourish, we have to let the tension pass first like we’re coached by Popovich

But until we get to that point in the process

Pointing fingers & infighting are gonna be monsters like the loch ness.

I thought we all hated being blamed for what we didn’t do.

But I guess we pick & choose, it’s politics as usual.

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