Keep The Same Energy

I’m trying not to hold grudges but it’s getting kinda hard

People love saying they’re real while promoting this façade

I gave up getting even with folks, y’all been acting way too odd

I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but at least I know my flaws

I can’t pander to y’all, I don’t answer to y’all.

I keep my mouth shut sometimes so I don’t seem like a cancer to y’all

If we draw up the play then you’ve asked me to ball

So then, just pass me the ball.

People always want these grand institutions to fall

So they celebrate when they see a crack in the wall

Or a chink in the armor, wait, is that a racist saying?

I try to be cautious of the things I say to not induce more mayhem.

Is it appropriating nerd culture to say you’re going super Saiyan?

And if you don’t believe in monsters then you can never slay them.

My words remind myself of graffiti paintings

You may not like the way I presented it but the message is definitely staying

Learn your audience, sometimes we call it reading the defense

Speak what you believe in, others may not like what they’re hearing

And depending on who you are, you get some leeway to speak your mind

But if they don’t like how you look & what you say, reaction won’t be so kind.

I guess I gotta get in my bag some more. Raise the stakes

Like I put a filet mignon on a floating dinner plate

Like I put a New York Strip on top of the Empire State

Like if LeBron took a T-Bone & made Isaiah Thomas play keep away

People want me to feel sorry for things I didn’t contribute to

I can recognize my position, but those who don’t are hypocritical

The physical, often doesn’t match up with the spiritual

And then when people do the minimal, they always follow with subliminals

Hate who I am if you want to, hate who I represent

Don’t have anyone challenge your views, argue with things I never said.

That’s cool, I can’t tell you what to do with your mental space

But don’t create hypotheticals in your head & try and throw them in my face

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