#FreestyleFriday: 1.12.18

To me? Finding peace is like climbing Mt. Everest

That’s why I don’t like crazy chicks, I don’t negotiate with terrorists

Balling so hard, I might mess around and tear my wrist

I don’t want them to step in my shoes, they might scuff up my favorite kicks

King Diddy, I never enjoyed all the anticipation

People always wanna rush thing but I believe in pacing

Because when I was all gung-ho? I needed patience

And I trust few people because they’re often know for giving statements

Keep that energy, don’t be fatigued when you see the kid

Like a janitor cleaning up bathrooms, I’m with the shits

And people thinking they’re gonna touch me and split my wig

I laugh like, I didn’t know you were a beautician sis?

A man makes the clothes, clothes never make the man

I used to carry out auditions like they were trying to make the band

I gave up making excuses, and I’m not interested in making amends

Focus my energy on making progress, I think make enough friends

I can’t entertain certain things for the sake of my sanity

Because I’m trying to get my life back to where I planned it’d be

Armed with dedication and a catalogue of plans A to Z

Stopping myself from catching feelings because there’s no vacancy.

They say that I’m jaded, I agree with him, no need to lie.

And if your ass owes me 6 dollars, don’t give me 5.

I been looking at life a little different since I almost died

The devil can’t take my joy away from, even though he always tries.

Do the right thing? Well we need something to incentivize

And if you scared to shoot your shot? I say to you, let it fly.

Hearing people complain puts me to sleep faster than a lullaby

Blowing so much hot air, a balloon could use it in the friendly skies

I used to be friendly, now I’m more cautious

The people who used to hate, now they’re getting nauseous

I used to be a diamond in the rough, now I’m more polished

Now success is in my genes like I added something to the garments.

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