Part Time Lovers

Part time lovers. Our time together is our time together

And when we’re apart, what we do? It’s whatever

Keep it on a need to know, I don’t need to tell you how it needs to go

Just be prepared when their heart turns 3 below

Yeah we’re talking super cold, folks out here getting super bold

Trying to figure out where you stand is getting super old

We treat partners like options on some sort of poll

Asked her for her list of dealbreakers? She opened a scroll

We always tell people, play your position, play your role

And if you want a promotion, better let someone know

Treating dating like a revolving door, they come and go.

And if people wanted me gone, this year? They cut it close

If love is a drug, you would mess around and overdose

I’m cut from a different cloth, I got it all covered like an overcoat

King Diddy, if you believed I was dating every person you seen with me

You’d thought I’m taking as many swings at love as Ken Griffey

I ask them to bear with me like I was a panda or a grizzly

And I show them the bare truth like Paul Pierce running naked through the city

I dabble in some things, call it girlfriend by committee

I might even need an old Miss like college football in Mississippi

Ya dig me? No one stayed with me when I was broke

So I can’t trust no one that if they seem me drowning, they’ll help me float

I don’t brag or boast, keep my business more private than most

And I scrape the dead ends off like I overcooked the toast

Never been in love, been in infatuation at most

Almost thought I had something but I stress the word almost

Every time you think you have something then someone goes ghost

Everyone thinks they are investigators from a simple IG post

It’s hard work, it’s God work. So I must let his will be done

Momma’s favorite son, walking around like I’m the chosen one

Being single doesn’t faze me, it’s like being robbed with a water gun

Part time lover? Full time headache? Nah, I don’t need that one

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