What Are You Looking For?

I used to be a hopeless romantic, before I got jaded

When Bey and Jay wrote Drunk In Love, I was hoping that I could also be faded

Trying to be the greatest person that you deserve.

Like a dictionary bandit, I got a way with words

If I fuck with you? Then to me? You’re as fly as a bird

And anyone who says different is just plain absurd

I’m a different type.

You see I got more flavor than a handful of Mike and Ike’s

If I get a second chance at love I hope it’s twice as nice

Because I’mma be on point like the sharpest knife

If I’m focused on you then I’m focused on you

If I don’t feel like there’s hope for you then there’s no hope for you

I’m a simple man, with somewhat simple needs

HaHa Davis during the honeymoon phase “This Finna Be a Breeze”

Ain’t a street nigga but I’m a nigga from the streets

Was taught not to show love, so in relationships I play for keeps

I can play my role, let you be Jay, I’m Memphis Bleek

But you don’t know what I have in my bag, trick or treat.

You want someone that can listen to your problems, I can be that guy

Want someone to let you vent & not try and solve ‘em, I can give it a try

I’mma work with you, try to meet you where you are

But you better bring your sunglasses because you’re meeting with a star

People keep taking shots at me, but don’t want to meet me at the bar

But if you got drive like I got drive? Then meet me at the car

I don’t have all day to wait for you. Unless you believe in perfect timing

I see all these dark clouds, you trying to be my silver lining?

Whatever it means to be loved, we can redefine it

And if you are a diamond in the rough then I’m gonna go mining

What are you looking for beloved? What do you hope to find?

What are your long-term plans? They the same as mine?

Are you willing to go for it or is it a nevermind

Because you don’t have to hit every shot you take, you just need one good time.

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