No Hate on Sundays

My beloved reminded me to use this writing this as an outlet

I just need someone down for me like Cardi is with Offset

But that doesn’t have me upset, honestly it was a gut check

Trying to live the high life but I still hang around some roughnecks

What’s a king without a crown? Is he still a king?

Is it all about the jewelry or is it more about what he brings?

I haven’t been sleeping much is that why I resort to selling dreams?

Am I hurting much worse than I certainly make it seem?

Shit, I don’t know the answers. That’s why I ask these questions

Shit, people say they care for me, why they so passive aggressive?

Why are they so wishy washy? Why are they so temperamental?

Why do they seem to enjoy all the drama they get into?

Shit, I don’t know the answers, that’s why I ask these questions

She says she can teach me, I’m like “well class is in session”

Let me get my pen and paper, make sure I have my highlighter

Because people can’t see the truth, it’s like they’re totally nearsighted

And me, I’m nearsighted too, at least I try to fix the problem

Y’all spend so much time on everyone else, y’all miss the problem.

I’m laid back but still with the shits, success doesn’t need witnesses

Sometimes it’s best to keep it under wrap like a Christmas gift

I want to own and mind my own business. You don’t need to get it

People been kicking game for free and somehow you still miss it

I’m just saying, I’m not even asking for real, just realistic

And if I offer a life boat to you, why can’t y’all go get it?

But hey, there are things in life that ain’t for me to understand

I’ve seen first hand how power can corrupt a man

These gentlemen out here tripping, they think they can touch whoever

Every pirate ain’t meant to get to these women/s buried treasure.

I’m just a humble servant, who strayed too far away, I’m trying to get back

Who can give you something sweet every 4 bars, I’m a kit kat

Trying to stay away from the riff raff, people out here strapped like a gift bag

You want to win, I need to win and that’s why this is a mismatch.

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