No Fairy Tales

The seasonal depression hit, cold weather makes cold spirits

And what good is expressing yourself when these folks don’t want to hear it?

Praying for a breakthrough, but fuck it, I got to make it happen

No fairy tales, just hard work because real shit doesn’t come from Magic

Can’t be throwing lobs to everyone because I ain’t Bron or Magic.

These niggas think they earned their stripes, but they don’t deserve the badges

But they say I’m too dramatic. But when I share the shit you’re not welcoming

That’s why I’m married to the game and no one will receive a wedding ring

I can’t be forced to settle. I can’t be forced to accept less

You say what I want isn’t realistic and I tell you just to be blessed

God’s probably ashamed I feel stressed, like son look at what I’ve done for you

And I’m like “God I hear you, but I need more to feel comfortable”

I don’t like being vulnerable. So, intimacy is a stretch for me

I sat down, I put in the work and these niggas still ask requests of me

I told these fools that I’m tired of giving you the best of me

Then sitting down and figuring out how to make do with what’s left of me

I feel like someone’s testing me. Trying to see if I change the recipe

If there’s a secret ingredient, I say nope just me

There’s people in my life that probably hate when I get this way

But I spent my life grinding now I’m just trying to blow up, no Tim McVay

I want my rings and medals like the Olympic logo on full display

So no fool can say that in the book on the history of life, I don’t get a page.

I want to be so impactful that when I die, the whole world stops

Not on some superficial shit, I just want my work to live on, when I’m not

Been getting body blows left and right and Bobbie dying feels like a spine shot

Feels like the whole neighborhood watching but this ain’t a crime watch

I want movie plots over burial plots. I want us to go the better route

I want us to plan better. More life insurance and less gofundme accounts

And that’s not a shot at no one, because we do what we can when times get hard.

I just don’t want to be one missed car note from losing my house and my job

I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, I want something bigger.

Yeah the fairy tales are cool and all but me and mine need something realer.

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