Make Me Believe Again

Make me believe in something I lost faith in

When they didn’t have a spot for me, I made a way in

And I been praying for a change, can I get an amen?

And I been put through the fire like a hazing

I’m just a young black man with the world on my shoulders

And I smell like success, you can smell the aroma

Are you good to the last drop like a cup full of Folgers?

And these people spreading lies, don’t listen to a word that they told you

We could make magic happen, pull happiness like a trick up my sleeve

When I don’t feel wanted, I fall back like when a hairline recedes

Sometimes I feel like it’s the whole world versus me

I just need someone to have my back, even when I can’t see

I ain’t on no simp shit, or pimp shit, this is somewhere in the middle

If she says I’m a dog, then I’mma treat her like some kibbles

She wanted me to taste the rainbow, treat her like some skittles

But I’m still a busy man, I don’t have the time for riddles

So say what you mean and mean what you say

If you want me to fall back, say it. Promise I’ll be ok

If you think I’m playing games, tell me, there could be a change.

And I’ll give you the courtesy to treat your ass just the same.

I believe in 50/50, not 100/0 or 60/40

If there’s beauty in the struggle, then my journey has been gorgeous.

She wanted me to magic trick on her? So I disappeared

I might just be cutting people off for the rest of the year

If the game is rigged, the only way to win is to not play.

If you aren’t bringing peace into my home, then you cannot stay.

I’m a little jaded, but I’m working on myself though

Drama always sticking to me, like a pair of velcro’s

Been through hell and back, guess what? I’m still dope

I just need your ray of sunshine to give me a little hope

So make me believe in something I lost all belief in

Someone’s gonna get the best of me, put yourself in the lead then

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