In My Zone

I’m in my zone like a 2-3 defense.

When you’re cooking up greatness, no one has to see it

My mind is on my money, keep my money off your mind

And to the people acting funny, don’t worry I’m doing just fine.

I been doubted, I been kicked, I been lied on too

And even thought you lied on me, I never lied on you.

I keep it 100, like a Wilt Chamberlin high score

You think I’m ugly? Well people out there think I’m to die for

Respect it, I was out here wearing my burdens like it was a necklace

And I was struggling with the extra weight like I’m precious

Anti-social extravert, when the prayers go up I know blessings work

And people count on me like the checks that come in on the 1st

I’m on it, I have no other choice, they’re gonna hear my voice

Like when the Celtics traded for Kyrie, they get the point

You get the message? No longer obsessed with perfection

I been playing with my God given talents too long, might miss my blessings

I can’t survive the way y’all survive, I gotta thrive though

It was written to excuse my difference, like it was a doctor’s note

I got everything you need, like a convenience store

You did me dirty? I still shine, I got the mop n’ glow

Sometimes the food for thought, isn’t easy to digest

And if I leave the world tomorrow, I’ll make sure to die blessed

If your conversations equal complications then you don’t deserve my concentration

You supposed to be easy breezy beautiful, but all you bring is frustration

I been slacking with the writing since I started doing the podcast

It’s like I’m digging, trying to avoid my triggers, like mine craft

If I could twist time the way I twist my words, I could make time stand

And still always be on your side, like a night stand

I am, Mr. Unbreakable, Mr. Unshakable

Whose mind was so sick, they had to rush me past the waiting room

You ain’t in tune, I’m important, the process is gorgeous

And if you can’t picture it yet, you don’t deserve the portrait.

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