#FreestyleFriday: 9.29.17

I’m trying to get it together, to survive in any era

Looking in the mirror, needing to prove that I’m better

Than whoever they place in front of me, make competition regret it

I’m cool as a bag of lettuce, doing it with no effort.

Doing it with no pressure versus doing it with all the pressure

Feel like you’re running for your life & you pray that the dogs don’t catch you

Pushing yourself even faster, trying to test your limits

Because can’t no one tell you how to do it unless they already did it

The Lord said all is forgiven, if you ask for repentance

I know some homies in prison wishing they had a lighter sentence

It can be hard to lighten the mood, when all you hear is doom and gloom

When you walk in and you’re both the smartest and poorest person in the room.

Rich man making poor decisions, young man making life decisions

You make a wrong move, they make the cut like a bad audition

Made a dollar out of 15 cents, barely had a pot to piss in

But somehow every year, I celebrated a birthday and Christmas

Mom didn’t want me to read Harry Potter but she was still a wizard

Fast forward and when it comes to my foundation, she is still a fixture

Focus on me, otherwise you might mess up the picture

High resolution, high stakes, you get it my nigga

I’m a lover, not a fighter but I’ll fight for what I love

I’m a salesman baby, I can sell salt to a slug

I can sell water to a well, I can sell ice to an eskimo

I can make your homie stay when she said she’s ready to go

The talentless are trying to inherit the earth, I can’t have that.

I’m trying to see my stock rise without the NASDAQ

And I know everyone hates a “pick me” headass

But even without extra credit I’m still the head of the class

First and never last, mind racing faster than The Flash

Living life in the fast lane, praying I never crash

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and if we do the math

Take a screenshot of this and I’ll autograph the photograph.

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