Draft Combine Flow (Does He Still Have It?)

I been slacking on this for a minute, focused more on podcasts

And all these new people want to connect, I didn’t invest in broadband

Homemade therapists, trying to pick apart who exactly I am

Folks aren’t even on good footing, worried about where I stand.

So afraid of getting into a rut I’m feeling nervous

So afraid to share my feelings when I’m not feeling perfect

Don’t dismiss me, don’t make me like my comments aren’t valid

And now I’m stress eating, eating this pizza when I know I need a salad

Don’t want to fall off the deep end, spiral myself into a deep hole

No matter if I’m happy or I’m sad, I keep all comments to a peep though

I work through them myself, try to avoid needing reinforcements

If there’s beauty in the pain then what I’m cooking up is gorgeous

Working on communication, but I don’t want to feel awkward with it

What I look like daydreaming of commitment when she’s not committed?

This is when you think you’re smooth but you’re sloppy with it

Meanwhile the basic tings get gassed up like they’re Nazi victims

Some folks just want to knock everything down like confederate statues

And they know what you’re all about like confederate flags too

But I didn’t come in the game for participation trophies

And before I leave? I’m taking all the shots like I learned from Kobe

Eurostep past the nonsense like I learned from Ginobli

I only talk with bosses, I never really learned from the cronies

I’m a masterpiece under construction.

Which means, what you see is beautiful but you know there’s more coming

I’m honest, I been left for dead both mentally and physically

But now? When I step in, I light up the room like a Christmas tree.

My name rings Jingle Bells, the makings of a super star.

But don’t gas me up though, I got drive like an electric car

I can cook it up slow, crockpot style or real quick like a foreman grill

Need to read the word more because lately, I don’t know how to feel

Life’s thrown a couple punches but I take them like Holyfield

They can’t imagine what I combine, I just need the space to show the skills

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