The Art of Self-Preservation

So many thoughts come through my head that I refuse to speak on

They feel like I’m the activist, but I’m not the one you can lean on

No extra support. Folks arguing like it’s their day in court

Everybody running with a roster like they actually played a sport

I just survey the field like the coach in the press box

Keep my soul closed off like those kids in the sweat shops

But they know that I’m a shooter like 2000 Rick Fox

Please don’t try and play me to the side like a rest stop

I’m hitch for a new age, flyer than a blue jay

And I see all these games clearer than blueray

Excuse me, I mean 4k. predicting the future is my forte

While other people love to argue this ain’t first take.

That’s why your WCW has a Stephen A Smith hairline

Always bragging about how many paid for her airlines

But you know and I know her spirit doesn’t really align

With someone who will have your back when it’s crunch time

Ride or die is cliché, but you gonna be there when I’m down?

Fending off the vultures when they inevitably circle around?

Or kick me when I’m at my lowest? I mean, the choice is yours

It’s a dog eat dog world and you want to run with the carnivores

The art of war, tells us to be careful about letting your guard up

But I been putting in work for this like a startup

But if they think you’re on the menu? You’ll get carved up

Maybe that’s why I’m tense because in this life I’ve had hard luck.

Ain’t no “aww shucks” or “aww f*ck” you just get armed up

Been through the wars, can’t you see I have been scarred up

I’m afraid of being vulnerable, I got PTSD when it comes to that

People say they change but only find change in the laundromat

I hate that I am as guarded and untrusting as I am

But it always seems to be the closest to you that ruin your plans.

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