#FreestyleFriday: 8.11.17

I haven’t written one of these in a minute, excuse me if I’m rusty

The one thing I don’t trust is a person always saying “trust me”

Sometimes I feel down on my luck, other times? I feel lucky

But I’m still not comfortable enough to be all buddy buddy

I have more acquaintances than friends, I follow God, y’all follow trends

I know the world doesn’t revolve around me but I’m still excited for it to spin

People talking reckless everywhere, feels like this world’s about to end

Everyone wants a piece of me, they’re asking for more than I should lend.

No operational deficits, how can I live life continuing to owe myself

Spent some time secluded, I had to make sure I know myself

Zen master mixed with gardener, I had to make sure I could grow myself

And then become self-sufficient, because there’s times you’ll get no one’s help

I been through the mud and the rain, then nothing was the same

It was like I had my head in the clouds, preparing for changes

And when these people throw shade, I just look the other way

Knowing when to pick your battles, must live to fight another day

Everytime I tried to give my heart away? It got sent back like a boomerang

Had me feeling like I lost my belt like I was Pootie Tang

Driving around in that new edition, still not sure if you can stand the rain

The files uploaded on my memory card, still let me know life is not a game

But if you think of life like chess, you understand to think 3 moves ahead

If you think of life like Monopoly, you understand life’s about getting bread

If you think of life like basketball, you understand you have to shoot your shot

If you think of life like Jenga, you understand the wrong move can crash the blocks

You can either laugh to the bank or be a laughing stock, the choice is yours

I know dudes who’ve been stabbed with the shank & died from the shots, the cost of war

They protected me, even when they couldn’t protect themselves

They saw that I had that Michael in me, Jackson, Jordan, Tyson or Phelps

I had to pick a path, there was no yellow brick road to lead the way

I’ve had people I loved stab me in the back, they could tell there was loyalty in my DNA

Because they took a piece of me with them when they removed the blade

But the scars reminded me that everyone doesn’t believe the same.

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