Umbrellas in the Sun

I’m the type that when things go to well for me, I get nervous.

Whenever things feel too perfect I know there’s something lurking

You can’t walk in sunny weather with umbrellas expecting rain

But you feel the need to brace yourself from incoming pain

Does it make it hurt less when whatever eventually comes?

They always say “what’s done is done” but are you cool with the outcome?

I know homies who’d rather be caught with a gun than without one

Keeping tabs on opponents because I hate feeling outdone

But you comparing people’s highlight reels to your behind the scenes

And if you’re not scared then you need to find some bigger dreams

I don’t know about you, but where I’m from? They called me King

But the perks of the crown aren’t always what they seem

Where I’m from, I’m the success story, I’m the one that made it out

When they talk about going a different path, I’m who they talk about

And I appreciate them thinking that I can show folks a different route

But truth be told, I’m looking at them like I don’t have the clout

I have so much to go do, so many things that I can be

Can’t be a deer in the headlights, I mean you never go full Bambi

They say if plan A doesn’t work get a plan B

But me? I’m such an overachiever that I already broke it down to plan Z

I am where I am, but I still feel in need of a big break

I should have been dead a while ago, just glad I didn’t get that B.I.G. break

I’m so focused. Even when I have moments where I feel hopeless

I just remember when she was my age, people didn’t feel Oprah

They even crucified Jesus, even when they knew that was so bogus

So there’s no magic potion, no wallah, no hocus pocus

To make things happen for me, good ol’ hard work is the way to go.

And I know I stay on her mind like her favorite song she hears on the radio

I know I gotta do something different if I’m not satisfied with the status quo

If you’re worried about the snakes in the grass them you better mow

Just when I think I’m done with challenges, life goes and throws some more

But it’s whatever to a boss, I’ll step in this ring and go toe to toe.

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