Take ‘Em To Church

Let’s take ‘em to church, have the choir singing down on us

Have ‘em singing solos for all the moments that they doubted us

They hate us and they love us, at least they love the culture

And they’re waiting on us to die out, freaking vultures

But we shall never die, we rise up from the ashes like a phoenix

And if they damage the original, we come back with the remix

The cleanest, where you water the grass is where it’s the greenest

They wanna place a bird cage on this genius

I tell them, you can’t dictate the way I think

This life can change in the speed of a blink.

Even though this world is cold like a hockey rink

To get what I want? I’m throwing everything at the issue including the kitchen sink

I told my mom the spiritual stuff really works

My demons tried to kill me, even picked out the hearse

People see your weakness, they always wanna pick out the hurt

But I feel like the Cavs, it’s time to break the curse.

People wanna chase me down like LeBron did

People want to screw with my team like his mom did

Even when no one believed in me, I know God did

So now I’m coming back for all those who left me disregarded

Every day is a battle, I win some and I lose some

But I’m cool with whatever as long as the outcome is income

Because I want everything I’m owed, and then some

Because in order to build an empire you need momentum

Praying to God for a spirit of discernment

Because I don’t know whether to build bridges or burn them

Whether to accept the old people in my life or shun them

Whether to hold a grudge on ‘em or love them

I know if I leave it to the homies, they’re gonna want to cut them

That’s why you need discernment when you discuss them

I can love them and still feel unsure about needing to trust them

Because either you down to watch my back or you’re frontin’.

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