Don’t Question Me

I hate when people question because they don’t deserve the answers

In this thing dressed in all black like the panthers

Somehow I’m cold blooded and still the gold standard

And I’m not handing out any Emmy’s to these actors

She called me Mr. Popular I said don’t worry about it

Everybody thinks they’re the plug until there’s a power outage

I want everything, and there ain’t no real way around it

My hunger is disgusting like when they put the mouth on the water fountain

I tell ‘em I ain’t Jesus, I ain’t tryna die for your sins

I believe in keeping score, otherwise they’ll forget about your wins

It’s up to you to decide what you’re willing to defend

But if I’m on a hot streak, I do anything to prevent seeing the end

Now the question is, do the ends justify the means

Fail in public? Boy you better watch out for the memes

I used to believe in the American dream

Now it seems like America doesn’t even want me to dream

Maybe it’s because I’m the worst nightmare, the worst-case scenario

Young and black with thoughts deeper than Lake Ontario

I’m just out here trying to make it big before my burial

And drag all the homies with me like it’s my chariot

And even though Drake shames it, I still sleep at the Marriott

Investing my money into a megaphone so you can hear me out

This all sounds terrible until you realize it’s trivial

I stopped using GPS because my guidance was spiritual

Taking things a day at a time, but I’m selfish with mine

Got off my gully for a little but it’s back to the grind

It’s back to the love, but the hatred? Man they never left

Every time you hate on me, you really telling on your self

Life, health and wealth and a championship belt

Are all the things I need in order to be secure with myself

Make sure the bag is secured, can’t be out here giving out rewards

And keep some in the stash because they always want some more

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