1st Day of Summer Freestyle

Summer fling season is upon us, get ready

Dealing with women that’ll have your legs feeling like spaghetti

Used to be hot and heavy, in the bed getting all sweaty

She said she wanted paper, all I had was confetti

Financial investments? Not sure if we’re there yet

Had her screaming at me like she’s Quavo, Takeoff & Offset

She’s so obsessed with the bread, I gave her a baguette

She says she’s tired of the games, wonders what’s next

I say I’m not playing any games, just moving at my own pace

I ask her how she feel about splitting bills if we had our own place

You’d thought I took her hand then spit in her face

Her affection disappeared for the kid, without a trace

Because the last few times I’ve been in things? I’ve rushed ‘em

Hard to admit I like being in tings, but I don’t trust ‘em

There’s been plenty cases but ain’t no cuffs on em

They say love is a gamble, but ain’t no luck for em

I place all my cards on the table, let’s play poker

In the summer, it’s “why so serious” I’m like the Joker

They say success has a smell, and they aware of the aroma

You could bury her in the snow and she wouldn’t be much colder

It feels like she’s going on tour like a rock and roller

You got to stand up straight to keep her attention, she’s a solider

Let’s be real though, they always put the burden on me, I admit it

Because I’ve always carried the weight well like tall women

It’s like we’re playing the same game but the ball is different

She thought I was boyfriend material, I’m like nah, the cloth is different.

I don’t do much talking, last ting I was with, wanted my twitter login

But honestly she was full of shit, like her toilet was clogging

I’m the guy, that knows the guy but I don’t need all of the attention

Because I’m the one that helps you reach the plug, I’m the extension

But this ain’t twitter, so I don’t need you to view and mention

And keep your two cents to yourself, like you’re penny pinching.

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