#FreestyleFriday: 6.9.17

I tried to write something different but It got deleted

Maybe I needed to write it more than y’all needed to read it

But whatever the case is, I’m going to make sure I beat it

People want the original, stop trying to pass it off as a remix

I remember drinking sprite remix, as a young one on the porch

Probably would go great with the lean but I will never know of course

Staying drug free, trying to find clarity

Staying sucka free, trusting people is such a rarity

I stand back and look at what they all prepared for me

Momma always worries, she always seems scared for me

They scared of me, or more so, scared at what I could be

Reaching my potential is hard, so they pushed me

Staying in my lane, trying to avoid all the traffic

Avoid all the madness, you want this shit? You can have it

King kong status, the man on the island

The man demands silence, they just demand riots

Because peace isn’t achieved by peace and quiet

Sometimes the quietest person can be the livest.

I missed the point in life where it was all simple

I missed when it could be solved by a pretty woman in dimples

I never gave my heart up, it was only used as a rental

I never wrote her name in stone, the most I used was pencil

Because things aren’t permanent, people aren’t permanent

Looking through my scars, asking if it was worth the shit

Drinking at the bar, drunkenly handing out advice and tips

But it’s like a bad stock, because not many people are buying it.

I sell myself, more than I sell anything else I am involved with

Aw shit, whenever they’re in trouble, they call quick

But it’s call waiting where I’m from. Can’t press my buttons

Stand for something or die for nothing, you know how I love it

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