Back…For Now.

I had to take a sabbatical, had to get focused like I was on Adderall

Circumstances turned me into an animal, trying to get all this capital

I tried being diplomatical, they looked at me like I was magical

They say I can’t do the things I dreamed of, they ask me to be more practical.

Even the people I love, have some questions about my dreams

I’m like what happened to the “we’re supposed to be kings and queens”?

They wonder is it really what it seems, too focused on material things?

Well, they look at LeBron and judge him by however many rings

So I need more things in my trophy cases, haters having these stony faces

Not giving it my all doesn’t make sense, like shoes without laces

Or a nerd without braces, or a sentence without spaces

Or baseball without bases, Olivia Benson not solving cases

When they fear your greatness, they always want you to be gracious

When you’re swinging for the fences, they want to put you in the cages

Trying to put all the pieces together, you can tell my mind’s been racing

They feel like this is a gamble, but I don’t live in Las Vegas

I been through a lot, I just don’t say it. When memories come I replay it

They want me to pass the torch, but I’m not sure I want to relay it

Doing the most, but I move to my own cadence

Remembering all of the doubters who said I would never make it

I’m still trying to be patience but a playa is tired of waiting

She asked me why I should pull up on her, I told her it’s history in the making.

I hope people never insult my intelligence, continuing to lie to me anyway

Like I don’t know the backstory, but I go along with the shit anyway

Let the folks dig their grave, because I’m gonna bury them anyway

Say you keep it 100, but I’m never gonna believe you anyway

I’m in the zone, focus is clear as the water in the Caribbean

I been gone too long, probably wondering where have I been

Well, I been working on myself. That’s the short answer to the question

Too many late night thinking sessions, weeding out all the misdirection

But I’m here, for how long? We just don’t know yet.

But I’m working out my problems, so don’t be alarmed when I do flex.

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