See the Light

Sitting in my new apartment, still got furniture to finish

Best part about life is when people mind their business

They’re wondering if I’ve done it, they ready to get livid

Not stopping for a moment to think if I actually did it

I’m so over the politics, because I don’t think I’ve done enough

Looking at my bank account, I haven’t made enough

Just left a room where half of those guys were rich as fuck

Serves as motivation that my dreams don’t need to be given up

Sometimes I crave the solitude, sometimes I fear it

Sometimes I smell success, other times I don’t feel anywhere near it

It’s weird, how these ups and downs can get so volatile

Don’t know which way you’re feeling so you just crack a smile

Dealing with writer’s block so you don’t even know how to get the feelings out

Trying to do things the right way but you’re considering the other route

Because you got bills to pay, continue to put food in mouths

So conflicted even the voices in my head cuss me out

Instagram likes aren’ something you can put on your resume

Afraid to tell your mom because she’ll shoot down the dreams anyway

You know she means well but the negativity is too much to take

All you need to hear is “don’t worry, I got it babe”

But you can’t even get that

Everything you invested in her, you won’t get back

New girls in the pictures but they’re too far away to be for real

Game’s getting ugly, you not even sure you want to play the field.

It sucks but sometimes that’s just the way of life

A man isn’t lost just because he took the route that lets him see the sights

Because back then they didn’t see me right, hell they ain’t even see me, right?

I took more L’s than Floyd ever did on his TV fights

I know my worth & earned my stripes, now I’m taxing like a Yeezy price

I ain’t trying to hear a pip from the background folks, I ain’t Gladys knight

Y’all been sleeping on me, it was like y’all was glad it’s night

Now open your eyes, pull back your blinds and see the light.

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