The Age of Spin

Are you a good person, a bad person or somewhere in the middle?

We live in a society where everyone hates playing second fiddle

And trying to get to know people is like solving a riddle

So no wonder many of us are so non-committal

No one wants to deal with insecurities so I work on them on my own

Because we’re taught to clean up before inviting people in our home

And it’s gonna be a scary sight once I finally get in my zone

Because people think they can play me like I’m some sort of trombone

Don’t be a good girl for me, I don’t need it, I promise

Seems I got farther when I lied to folks than I did being honest

When everything is swirling around me? I just need to find me some solace

I ain’t a rookie, I’m a vet so don’t play me like I’m a novice.

Anti-social extrovert, never heard a phrase describe me so perfect

Laundry list full of flaws, do you still believe I am worth it?

I been going so hard, even to fall asleep I need a permit

I always knew I was dope, why did I need others to confirm it?

Why do we seek validation from those who aren’t on our level?

Or aren’t on our wavelength? Why do we assume they are better?

Why do we assume someone is crazy if their opinions are different?

Why are we so quick to argue and so slow to listen?

We got all of this hatred, but where is the love?

Folks dying off of bad dope, but who is all supplying the drugs?

I ask too many questions, that’s what people told me

Maybe I’m just not willing to believe what people showed me

Used to want a relationship so much I just rushed in

That was a bad move fam, this just in

Opened up my heart for love and ended up inviting distrust in

We always discuss how we’re gonna love, we never discuss when.

Pride comes before a downfall, and they say love will get you killed

They want you to be honest but penalize you for being real

Society full of contradictions, we live in the age of spin

Round and round we go until we spin the wheel again

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