#FreestyleFriday: Good Friday Edition

I tell folks I haven’t been in love before and they ask why?

I’m like “I don’t really know” it’s not like I didn’t try

But shit never worked out best for the kid

It’s like all these women just been stress to the kid

They sleeping on me? They needed rest on the kid

I gave them my all, and left the rest for the kid.

Far from perfect, far from immortal, came from the soil

The dirt hid the crown and the fact I was royal

I want everything but just give me someone that is loyal

Meanwhile I’m dealing with an intermittent case of paranoia

More money, more problems? I just see people as more annoying

Short trigger, short fuse, too easy to get my temperature boiling

Because when you up? You see all those people joining?

But when you down? All those people just give finger pointing

It’s kinda disappointing, you see what we’re destroying?

Think you’re drinking from the fountain of life but really it’s a deadly poison

Life isn’t a game, otherwise we would have brought the toys in

But God is a good God because he often believes in choices

Red pill or blue pill, the left path or the right path

I told her things didn’t add up. She told me she didn’t even like math

I told her I would be right back, but really didn’t even come back

People keep throwing shade at me then get offended by the comebacks

Or the subtweets, or the petty shit but I’m on my Andretti shit

Life in the fast lane, on some “I don’t think that they ready shit”

Putting myself in a position to deserve everything I ask for

Putting my stamp on society like a bougie black woman with a passport

I feel like people watching me no camcorder

Weight of the world on my shoulders, trying to reach the border

Not to Mexico, but to greatness and it ain’t no short order

Life is a bitch but we still adore her

Not only do we adore her, we even reward her

By staying on our grind like a skateboarder.

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